Of course we would not ask you to take our word for it, here is what your peers thought of our past events:

Network Architecture Manager
Telecom Italia

‘Compared to others I have attended, it was richer in information and the subjects covered were both well explained and demonstrated in the speeches’
Senior Regulatory Development Advisor
‘To the point programme that covered the real questions we are dealing with…I enjoyed the quality of the speakers and of the organisation. It was worth sacrificing two days in the office’
Director - Access Network Technologies
Bell Canada
‘Very good quality’
Product Design Manager
‘fewer vendors and more operators which is very good, keep it this way!!’
Sales Director
BT Exact
‘Excellent, the pitch was right, the scope of the presentations was broad and attracted me to this in the first place’
Project Manager
‘Besides the quality of the presentations I was impressed by the excellent organisation of the meeting - very professional’
Marketing Manager
‘case studies from operators and providers were particularly useful for the core activity I am working on’
Product Manager
‘I particularly liked the prepared materials, the spirit of sharing between participants and the focus on operator presentations…excellent conference that addressed many issues that I am facing today’
Systems Engineer
UTA Telekom
‘Real life case studies and content that met the needs of our current projects’
Product Manager
‘Particularly strong regarding professional insight on precisely the issues concerning the telecoms business’

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